Resorbable wire tensioners, advantages and results

Written by: Dra. Carmen Martín Marcos
Published: | Updated: 09/09/2019
Edited by: Anna Raventós

¿What are thread lift


The thread tension are some threads that are formed by polydioxanone. A resorbable product is to be introduced into the skin, subcutis, just beneath the skin layers, via a needle guide. No need to make an incision, not to do any cortecito to enter it and are resorbable seven to eight months.


¿What are the advantages over other treatments


The advantage of these threads against which previously were using materials that were some, like golden threads, which were not absorbable, polylactic acid other lasting two to three years. The advantage of these threads is, first, the duration. The tightening effect that will produce the thread lasts a year or year and a half, the thread will absorb seven to eight months. But for me the main advantage is the ease of the technique. No need to make an incision, not bleeding, it's a very thin bezel, generates virtually no bruising. And with no anchor points no spicules, there is no anchor to provoke us, but the subjection of the thread will be mainly due to the fibrosis that are generated when inserting. To me that is a big advantage over other treatments and that will promptly tighten the area we need without creating a volume, an inflammation in the area but will anchor directly in the area we want to tighten without forming effect of bag effect of volume or fat and round faces.


¿, consisting in treatment


How to implement the thread, we 're going to take the thread is inserted into the needle guide. This is what is inserted into the skin. When we extract the guide is going to be anchored in the area of ​​skin balance, totally flexible, malleable. We will anchor following the different voltage lines. It is a thread that will not bother, because it is very malleable and easily adapts to any facial anatomy. The most important of this technique is to attempt a crossing of threads is achieved. We have to set the thread where we introduce, which is the part we want to tighten up the back end, we put the longer thread and then go finer wires crisscrossing. There are threads of different length, different size and different thickness especially. This would be the guide wire of much thicker and finer than serious this thread. Quedaria a thread that would look practically no. Once anchored and once cross the threads, let's get to an area, an array, a woven mesh and what that will do is form a fibrosis and this is what will cause tension to form.


¿The aesthetic results are immediate


Once done treatment will notice a flash effect, there is a bit of inflammation that is going to make the effect of stress. But it is an immediate effect, it will go down in 24/48 hours, which is more or less what it takes to deflate the area. It is minimal, totally bearable inflammation, it will not leave the face swollen and deformed. The end result we will see when the collagen which on average is usually about 28 days, that is when we will see the best result is from the month, month and a half or even two months form. When more light is going to give skin collagen will improve and will produce a tension in the area who have tried.


*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dra. Carmen Martín Marcos
Aesthetic Medicine

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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