lumbar discectomy

Written by: Dr. Pedro Mata González
Published: | Updated: 14/11/2018
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Lumbar discectomy is the technique that prevails in the surgical treatment of lumbar disc herniation. It consists in the extraction of the portion of the herniated intervertebral disc, that is to say, of the disc fragment that has moved towards the interior of the medullary canal compressing the nerves.

The process is carried out using minimally invasive techniques, microsurgery or endoscopy. In both procedures, the surgical wound is 2-4cm, and does not attack anything more than a minimal amount of muscle and bone, without alteration of the anatomy of the spine. In Microsurgery, the surgical microscope is used to improve the vision of the anatomy of the operative field, while in Endoscopy a specially designed optical and instrumental fiber is used visualizing the surgical field through images on a monitor.


Benefits and risks of lumbar discectomy

As these procedures are not invasive and do not damage the anatomy of the patient, discharge occurs at 24-36 hours. In addition, the reincorporation to social and sports life occurs in periods unthinkable until recently. On the other hand, the risks are present as in all interventions, although minimally invasive procedures reduce them, with minimal blood loss and very short surgical times.


Recovery after lumbar discectomy

Patients should initially avoid risk factors, such as efforts with the lumbar spine, especially lifting weights, sudden movements, repeated impacts, being rigorous with postural hygiene , not gaining weight, etc.. Later it is advisable to perform muscle strengthening techniques, such as swimming, pilates or back workshops, and especially, strengthening the abdominal and paravertebral muscles .

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By Dr. Pedro Mata González
Neurological Surgery

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