Diets, spring is the best time to start them

Written by: Dra. Carmen Martín Marcos
Edited by: Top Doctors®

There is no exact date for start dieting, since there are many factors to consider: the kilos to lose, age, etc.. Still, perhaps the best time to start a successful diet is spring.

This time brings a variety of foods with low caloric intake; we can replace a dish of vegetables or pasta for a complete and balanced salad, equally satisfying and helps you recover back line.

There are plenty of diets known for their good results. They are the most optimal spring diets those that introduce diuretics and power to reduce inflammation, since it helps you lose weight and food volume from the beginning.

Furthermore, there are diets that are not beneficial to health. Are those in which weight loss is necessary to remove some kind of essential nutrient, such as carbohydrates or fats. As a professional in the world of nutrition will not hold specified on any of them mention, although we all know recognize them.

What you should never do is start a diet on their own. The specialist must be who fit calorically who offer diet and healthy patterns and motivations to achieve the objective.

As for the kilos, except for the first two weeks (in which you can lose 1.5 -. 2kg), the logical thing is a gradual weight loss of between 500-700 g. weekly, 2-3 kg. monthly.

What is important in a diet is to maintain an exercise routine, like walking early in the morning or late afternoon. It is also advisable enjoy fresh and low-calorie dishes, and all kinds of salads. We also have to keep in mind that fruits satiate easily and are a natural drainage.

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By Dra. Carmen Martín Marcos
Aesthetic Medicine

Dr. Martín Marcos holds the qualification 'Cum Laude' in her doctorate in Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetics. In her more than 15 years of experience, she has published both nationally and internationally, thanks to her recognized professional career and a brilliant education that led her to receive the Extraordinary Award of Degree in Medicine and Surgery in 1990. She is an expert in treatments anti-aging and in the prevention of skin aging, and creator of the lifting technique without surgery "Arcolift" with tensioning threads. In addition, she is an expert in gynecological treatments.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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