Diet for intestinal gas or deflate the gut

Written by: Dra. Raquel Nogués Boqueras
Edited by: Top Doctors®

The sensation of swollen belly , heavy or abdominal discomfort is one of the most frequent. Why our tummy swells or put another way: Why in the morning we tighten our pants and in the afternoon tighten us?

This discomfort is due to the accumulation of gases in our intestine, which is produced by several causes, among them we will mention some of the most frequent. However, the most appropriate, if the advice that we give will not improve your discomfort, is to consult with a specialist in Nutrition to study your case.


Causes of gas in the belly

The most common causes of abdominal swelling are:

  • Lactose intolerance. The person with lactose intolerance, taking both whole and skim milk, notes abdominal distention, cramps and performs more or less diarrheal stools.
  • Consumption of sweets or products without sugar, whose sweetener is sorbitol .
  • Swallowing air when eating fast, not chewing well, eating chewing gum or drinking fizzy drinks .
  • Consume raw vegetables, vegetables and flatulent vegetables (cabbage, broccoli, white beans ...).
  • Eat very spicy or high-fat foods like industrial bakery .
  • Sedentary lifestyle and stress.


Tips to deflate the belly by gases

From this list of causes the following recommendations emerge:

  • Drink lactose-free milk or soy, oat, rice, spelled, etc. beverages.
  • Avoid treats and foods labeled "sugar free", or check that they have no sorbitol.
  • Eat slowly and chew well.
  • Avoid salads and take cooked vegetables or puree. Among legumes, lentils are usually best tolerated, although they should always be taken very cooked and mixed with vegetables or rice or crushed.
  • Be well hydrated .
  • Prepare foods with simple baking based on oven, grill, iron, steam, and avoid sauces, batter and fry.
  • Avoid all that is industrial bakery, are foods rich in fat and with a high percentage of trans fats (harmful also at cardiovascular level) that slow down intestinal transit.
  • Do not forget to lead an active life, the physical activity favors the intestinal transit and the elimination of gases.

Getting a good intestinal transit, avoiding constipation and expelling gases is the fundamental pillar of the recommendations we have just given you and you will not get the rest to be effective if these points do not respect them. When we notice the defacatory reflex we should go to the bathroom, just as when we need to expel gases, we must find a way to do so. The woman, more than the man, by haste, modesty, prejudices ... we often ignore our body and we do not hear the messages you send us and then we have cramps, bellyache and we find ourselves very upset just for not having done it Which corresponded at every moment.


An example of an anti-gas diet

  1. Anti-gas diet
    Anti-gas diet to deflate the belly
    1. Lactose-free milk
    2. Iberian ham sandwich
  2. Midmorning
    1. A skim yogurt
  3. Food
    1. Timbal of escalibada
    2. Fillet of beef
    3. Dessert: Peach in syrup
  4. Snack
    1. Biscots with fresh cheese
    2. A glass of cold rice drink sprinkled with cinnamon
  5. Dinner
    1. Pumpkin cream
    2. Sole to the Meniere
    3. Dessert: Cottage cheese with raisins
*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dra. Raquel Nogués Boqueras
Nutrition & Dietetics

Eminence specialty is doctorada to rate Cum Laude, and is responsible for the Nutrition Unit Teknon Medical Center since more than 15 years. With international prestige, has published several books, is part of several scientific societies and is usually consulted in media.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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