Tips to prevent kidney damage

Written by: Dra. Katia López Revuelta
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& iquest, I knew that one in every 10 Spaniards have chronic kidney disease


There are circumstances that favor the deterioration of the kidneys or in other words to diseases of the kidney. The most important are: age over 60 years, the diabetes mellitus, hypertension, heart disease, the taking prolonged inflammatory or suffered acute renal failure.

Most kidney diseases do not give symptoms in early stages, even until they are advanced and are only detectable in analysis. So people at risk, who have any of the problems described above, should be performed at least once a very simple check to rule out renal disease.

You just have to take blood pressure and a blood test done to determine your creatinine levels and ions, and a urinalysis to rule out albuminuria or alteration of sediment urinal.

People with a single functioning kidney, which submitted obstruction of the urinary tract due to prostate problems or stones of repetition and having family members who have suffered disease kidney also should these simple tests to rule out kidney disease performed.


Recommendations for people with kidney disease or at risk of suffering

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People with kidney disease suffer from more cardiovascular diseases and earliest age people without kidney disease. The proper function of the kidney remains open heart overload and protects against hypertension and aging of arteries.

Therefore it is especially important that all people at risk for kidney disease or who have them and follow the following tips:

Overseeing and keep blood pressure below 140/90 mm ​​Hg

- Leave snuff

-Avoid Obesity and overweight

-Make physical exercise aerobic at least 4 times a week

-Reduce The salt content in the diet

-Consume Fresh vegetables, olive oil and fish

-Moderar Consumption Spirit


Other useful indications

Patients with kidney disease often require multiple established medications and diet restrictions are difficult to enforce. It is important therefore to understand that the kidneys in addition to its purification functions involved in other metabolic functions of the body and when they start to fail, many of which can be compensated with all these medications and recommendations. Not only do we intend to slow kidney disease but your body suffers as little as possible the consequences of the disease.

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By Dra. Katia López Revuelta

Dr.. López Revuelta is an expert nephrologist in the diagnosis and treatment of renal diseases to which has been dedicated over 20 years. He founded the Nephrology Unit of the University Hospital Foundation Alcorcón 17 years where he has treated thousands of patients with these conditions and performed more than 500 kidney biopsies. Master is also in atherothrombotic disease, an expert in the treatment of resistant hypertension and cardiovascular risk factors. Share your care activity with teaching and research.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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