How to improve the relationship with a difficult boss

Written by: Esther Miralpeix García
Published: | Updated: 15/11/2018
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There are leaders with whom a relationship is very difficult. Specialists in psychology say the relationship to cope with a difficult boss is necessary to consider several issues.

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  • Analyze what are the reasons for the chief to behave as it does. We must differentiate between the boss who is usually reasonable and the boss who is irascible nature. In the first situation it is possible to understand that a stressful situation affect you the same way that can affect workers.
  • Consider what emotions are reactions to the boss. The worker may have a counterproductive conduct counter or non-cooperation with the boss. You can also lock and, therefore, not properly develop their working task.
  • Reflecting on the line to communicate concerns and to express in a positive way and useful. The aim is to create a good atmosphere for resolving the problems.


How to deal with a difficult boss

When a worker unfairly criticized chief, it would be desirable that could have a conversation about what they think about the issue at any time without falling into a confrontation with the boss.

You should assess whether the boss is right in his criticism. If so, more than a personal attack would be valuable information to better develop the work task.

The worker may be afraid to express our disagreement boss for fear of reprisals. You should plan well what he tells the boss and how he says. Everything is possible to say if it is the way to express it.

You need to identify what aspects the employee is most vulnerable because that can create strategies to react to certain situations of stress in the work.

If the situation is so overwhelming that it is hard to face it alone, you can always seek the help of a psychologist, from a neutral point of view and purpose, help workers to be more prepared to handle stressful situations.

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 Esther Miralpeix García

By Esther Miralpeix García

The psychologist Esther Miralpeix is ​​a renowned expert in Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy. He has spent 40 years working as a psychologist helping people trying to find solutions to their problems. He has participated in numerous conferences on psychology and communications presented several conferences organized by the EFPP (European Federation of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy). And was a founding member in good standing of the Catalan Association of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (ACPP) from 1994-1997 and Minister of the adult section of the EFPP from March 1993 until May 1996 bring new perspectives to your life will help you open new Horizons.

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