How to Fight Depression

Written by: Dr. Jon Ander Bilbao Larrabeiti
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Most people believe that having a depression is to be sad and this is not very accurate. There are situations in life that lead us to be sad and not why we are depressed, we are sad.

Symptoms of depression

When the state begins to affect our ability to concentrate, work, sleep differently than usual or wrong way, do not enjoy anything and we neglect our personal lives because we are not able to do, it is at that moment when we would be entering a depression.


Helping someone out of a depression

The environment of a person suffering from depression is very influential, so it is important that in these cases the patient will not feel alone. Family and friends can help by using empathy and love and not show a sense of shame. To show our support, we need to know very well what is a depression, the limitations involved, understand and encourage you to get in treatment with a medical professional.


Role of the psychiatrist to a depression

The role of the specialist in psychiatry is to treat the disease that the patient has and welcome addition to explain all your doubts and help as much as possible. Professionals must guide him and give hope to get ahead, make him see that can fend for itself and is able to realize the goals proposed. In addition, it is necessary to explain the close social environment which is depression, mental limitations of the patient and the importance of a continuous treatment.


How to get out of depression

Negative or sad thoughts that usually a person with depression can be overcome with the prescribed treatment involving both drugs and psychotherapy. It will be a slow process, during which the patient should be patient because the medication has no immediate effect except in some of the symptoms.

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By Dr. Jon Ander Bilbao Larrabeiti

Renowned specialist in psychiatry, Dr. Bilbao Larrabeiti currently has two own offices in the city of Bilbao. He graduated in Medicine and Surgery and Specialist in Forensic Psychiatry. It has also obtained the title of Expert in Valuation and Baremación of bodily harm.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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