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Written by: Dr. Joan Carles Trallero Fort
Edited by: Top Doctors®

Cancer is a multidisciplinary disease from diagnosis and throughout the process needs medical care of different specialists. The burden of treatment lies with the oncologist or surgeon that directly address the pathology. However, emotions, symptoms and consequences of cancer and its treatment, need the services of other specialists such as psychologists or doctors home or query that can provide ongoing support and care close to the patient with cancer everyday.

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Types of home health care for cancer patients


  • Psychological support: people who go through this disease need psychological support, emotional support to learn to live with cancer, communicate with family and friends and improve mood.
  • Cancer pain: cancer and its treatment can eventually cause severe pain in the patient. These discomforts can be treated with different techniques to eliminate getting reduce patient to patient.
  • Symptoms of the digestive system between the side effects of cancer are digestive problems either nausea or intestinal transit failure.
  • Drowsiness or fatigue: these are probably some of the most common side effects of cancer, lack of energy and stress lead to a lack of sleep it impossible to regain strength during the hours of rest


Benefits of medical care for cancer patients



Currently and based on the experience of medical professionals, support for people with cancer improves quality of life, control of symptoms and mood and can even get to improve prognosis and survival.

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Dr. Joan Carles Trallero Fort

By Dr. Joan Carles Trallero Fort
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Renowned specialist in Family Medicine, Dr. Trallero Fort is the medical director of Suanity center, a prestigious center specializing in oncology, palliative care and chronic diseases. He is also a consultant for Palliative Care at the Hospital de Barcelona (SCIAS). It holds a Master of Palliative Care at the University of Barcelona and the Institut Català d'Oncologia. Regular contributor to the media, has combined his profession with teaching.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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