Thoracic tumors

Tumors of the chest wall are presented as a package and the most common symptom is usually pain. The most common location is in the ribs. Although we can find tumors in the scapula, sternum or muscle. Surgery is the most effective for tumor treatment parede chest. Surgical treatment depends on the nature of the tumor. In tumors from benign behavior resection of the lesion is usually carried out respecting the surrounding tissues (skin, muscle, rib arches neighbors). In tumors of malignant nature it is fundametnal make an en bloc resection of tissue injury including neighborhood. Sometimes if the tumor removed once the defect remains is large, it is necessary to be reconstructed with a rigid or semi-rigid prosthesis. In the most common cases, it is not uncommon to have to include tumor resection of the lung, thymus, pericardium or other body part or affixed to intrathoracic tumor. Monitoring after surgery is important, especially for the control of relapses.