Rhinitis is a disease of the nasal mucosa causing sneezing, itchy nose, eyes and throat, shortness of smell, obstruction, secretion, and nasal congestion. This condition can be classified as allergic, seasonal and perennial rhinitis, dry rhinitis. Seasonal allergic rhinitis or hay fever is caused by allergy to pollen from late spring and early summer. Therefore, the symptoms that can also be skin, appear only at this time of year. Perennial allergic rhinitis is seasonal like regarding symptoms, but differs in that it is continuous throughout the year. The origin of this type of rhinitis may be allergy to mites or certain species of fungi atmospheric, or for a cause not be allergic (vasomotor rhinitis). The treatment of allergic rhinitis is the most widely used drugs antihistamines. Dry rhinitis, allergic unlike produces nasal dryness, which can lead to blockage, bleeding, crusting and tightness in the nose. It may be caused by the use of certain drugs, abuse of inhalants for nasal congestion, pollution, changes in temperature or dry environments. The treatment is to use moisturizers to keep moist nasal mucosa.
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