Leoporino Lip

Specialty of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Cleft lip is a congenital deformation caused by a very specific abnormality in the baby's development by an incomplete formation of the upper lip occurs. Currently, this slot can be operated even in the first year of a baby's life to prevent further complications since in some cases the degree of separation or cut lip can be severe, reaching the nose. Some of the problems that can cause cleft lip is difficulty feeding, dental malformations or delayed speech. Besides, some babies are born with other abnormalities, cleft palate call (or palate), which consists of an incomplete development of the palate, to not be closed leaving an open space between mouth and nose, which as the case may be more or lower amplitude. This anomaly also requires specialized plastic surgery in the first months of a baby's life to troubleshoot speech and functional causes (difficulty eating and breathing, especially), in addition to improving the aesthetics.

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