Adrenal glands disorders

The adrenal glands are essential for a life that lie at the back of the kidneys. Produce, among others, some sex hormones, and particularly hormones that regulate metabolism and cortisol, which helps us respond to stress, and other hormones that control blood pressure and the presence of water and salt in our body. Sometimes there is an excessive or insufficient production of these hormones, causing some of the disorders of the adrenal glands, which are detected through urinalysis and blood. For example, when there is excess cortisol or overactive adrenal cortex we are faced with Cushing's syndrome, which is caused due to the intake of drugs or the development of some tumors and symptoms well defined (legs and very thin arms, fatigue, high blood pressure, blood glucose, bruises all over his body, etc). It is cured by treating the source that causes the disease. Otherwise, inadequate cortisol or underactive suprarrrenal crust, causing the so-called Addison's disease, which arises from an immune problem and requires treatment for life as it can be fatal if not properly treated.
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