Dental Phobia

Dental phobia means fear the dentist and attend to your inquiry. This is a very specific extreme fear, usually caused by previous traumatic experiences, which can even cause the patient canceled his appointment with the specialist or attend the consultation avoid at all costs, at the expense of their oral health. Those most affected by this type of phobia are often children and adolescents. Overcoming it requires the help of all parties involved: dentist, patient and family. Ideally, the professional is sympathetic to the affected and try to clearly explain revisions or treatments that you are going to practice and what are the tools you will use. For its part, the patient must identify the source of the problem and learn relaxation techniques such as deep breathing to control the moments of anxiety in the query. As for the family, a positive attitude towards oral care and the need to attend regular check-ups is essential to avoid dental phobia.

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