Percutaneous Foot Surgery

Percutaneous surgery of the foot is a novel surgical technique for treating foot disorders consist of changes in bone or white fabrics. With this type of minimally incisive surgery, treatment of these pathologies is achieved with a minimal incision in the skin of two to three millimeters, while conventional surgical techniques with large incisions (or even the elimination of joints were demanding cases severe ). Some of the disorders most frequently treated by percutaneous surgery of the foot are: hammer toes, bunions, metatarsalagias, bunions, heel spurs, and other. Anyway, according to the severity of each patient, the doctor will evaluate which must ultimately if this technique is the most suited to treat their pathology. After the operation, the patient must use a type of shoe and wide rigid sole that reduces the load on the operated foot, so it is not advisable to operate both feet at once.

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