Specialty of Psychology

Anorexia is an eating behavior disorder that leads to excessive weight loss caused by the patient due to fear of gaining weight and a distorted perception of their body image (the person looks fat even if it is very thin). The main symptoms in the behavior of people with this disorder are the progressive decrease in food intake, excessive preoccupation with caloric composition of foods, taking laxatives or diuretics to lose weight, obsession weighed or increased exercise physical intended for weight loss. Typically, these symptoms are accompanied by other features, such as depression, irritability, or emotional disorders. In addition, the affected person ends up suffering malnutrition, and in severe untreated cases can even lead to death. In most patients anorexia starts between 12 and 18 years, mostly in girls, and should be diagnosed early to start treatment. This is the correction of malnutrition and mental disorders of the patient through a comprehensive plan that includes psychotherapy and continued medical supervision. In severe cases, the admission of patients to a specialized center for treatment is necessary.

Videos related to Anorexia

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