Surgical treatments for urethral stricture

Written by: Dr. Francisco Javier Machuca Santa-Cruz
Published: | Updated: 21/11/2018
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Surgery urethral stricture is very diverse and requires significant expertise of the urologist who practice. It is very important a good preoperative evaluation as it is a surgery that supports few errors.

The hospital stay is usually short, from outpatient surgery to 2-3 days, depending on the type of intervention. Usually the patient is discharged with a probe must carry few days.

The anesthesia is often performed spinal. Sometimes it requires general anesthesia if needed grafts or think you may be a longer surgery.


Dilation of urethral stricture

Curative treatment is not aimed to stretch the scar without causing more healing to hold true urethral caliber for a while.


Under endoscopic vision internal urethrotomy

Internal urethrotomy refers to any process that opens the cutting area transurethrally. It is only indicated in very short stenoses localized in certain areas of the urethra (bulbar urethra) and is considered a curative treatment rarely due to the high failure rate.


Ureteral stents

It is the placement of a prosthesis within the urethra in order to maintain adequate caliber after performing an endoscopic urethrotomy. This technique is not widely accepted by experts in urology because of the bad results and complications.

Currently, there thermoexpandable removable prosthesis and whose installation and removal facilities make them suitable for patients unsuitable for complex interventions.


Excision and primary anastomosis

Is a conventional open surgery in which the urethra diseased segment is cleaved and reassembled urethral ends healthy. It is the technique that best results obtained.

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By Dr. Francisco Javier Machuca Santa-Cruz

Renowned specialist in Urology, Dr. Machuca Santa-Cruz is Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery at the University of Malaga, a specialist in urology, internal-resident physician at the Hospital La Paz in Madrid since 1981. Between 2008 and 2014, has been Head of the Management Unit of Urology at the Hospital Virgen de la Victoria. He combines his clinical work with training for professionals and students in the field of urethral surgery and the use of laparoscopy. In addition, he is an honorary professor of the Faculty of Medicine and Professor of Malaga Masters in Pediatric Urology at the International University of Andalusia. Author and co-author of over 100 articles published and presented in scientific journals, book chapters, papers and presentations at conferences of national and international scope. His career premier has been recognized with various awards among which is accorded by the European Association of Urology through labor "Clinical Case Competition: urogenital sinus cyst" in 1987. Member of the main scientific associations urology.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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