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Written by: Dr. José Antonio Ferrandiz Esteve
Edited by: Top Doctors®

The Mock Up allows a dynamic simulation of the new smile that is anticipated for the patient once it has undergone dental treatment that is proposed. In this way, the person can decide to accept or not and familiarize yourself with your new smile advance.

To change the appearance of a smile different treatments taking into account the individual characteristics of each patient, the color of your teeth, texture, size, position, etc are proposed.

Sometimes the explanation of treatment may be too technical for the patient and not the end to understand. So you can accept treatment that we offer, you must understand that question and be assured that we will do what you really want.

For this reason there is a Mock Up, that displays an anticipated result of the new patient's smile. This technique is completely painless, requires a visit relatively short time and no need to touch or carve the original patient's teeth.

Instead, it provides excellent dentist-patient communication, and allows the patient to understand the treatment we are proposing, showing their results in advance.

¿As becomes


• We take a mold of the patient's mouth

• In the laboratory conducted a mock wax modifying the shape, size, texture and position of teeth.

• We make a key aspect of the new silicone smile and took her mouth, placing a resin material.

With these three steps got a dynamic simulation of the new patient's smile, which differs from the photographic montages and digital simulations, which are very useful but are static.

In this case the patient sees in his mouth the change that we are proposing, and is seen to speak, to smile, to gesticulate... This way you can familiarize yourself with them and even make contributions to the teeth that are subsequently going to place him where he wants.

Besides the Mock Up allows us to remove easily after the visit ( not because it is cemented and held for retention ) or if the patient prefers can take him and I retire in a few days, so you can teach his circle nearest the results that will be obtained after treatment.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. José Antonio Ferrandiz Esteve

Odontologist internationally recognized, formed in the United States and a member of the College of Dentists of Catalonia Scientific Committee. It is one of the best doctors in reconstructive and cosmetic dentistry.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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