Coating teeth with veneers or crowns

Written by: Dr. Oriol Cantó Navés
Edited by: Top Doctors®

before treatment

Treatment outcome ceramic veneers (Photo before and after treatment )

One of the most frequently asked questions made by our patients is:¿, as I can improve my smile ? Among the many problems we have with our oral health, there is a section, aesthetics, that today is very important.

When a patient has teeth or stained dark colors, small fractures, malposition light... and consequent dental aesthetics do not like, we have a number of possible treatments that can be performed, including ceramic veneers or full coverage crowns.

¿are the differences between ceramic veneers and crowns


Ceramic veneers are thin sheets of ceramic ( 0.3 i 0.7 mm. of thickness approximately ) that line the anterior face of the teeth and more incisal area, that is, the tip of the teeth. The thicknesses depend on many factors, such as color to mask the bad position to correct or improve the defect. In the vast majority of cases, we have to cut the tooth in order to then make the veneers, albeit sparingly. In rare cases, if mild, no need to touch the surface of the teeth. Therefore, ceramic veneers are a very conservative treatment, keeping most of the intact tooth without affecting the survival of it.

Ceramic veneers are made in all those teeth that are visible smile, usually canine to canine or first premolar to first premolar, both top and bottom arch. As we can see, no ceramic veneers are made in areas of molars, which require other treatments.

In some cases, and less veneers are the treatment of choice, needing full coverage crowns.

¿, In that case we need a full coverage crowns


There are times when the destruction of the tooth very large, the patient already has a crown and now, for various reasons, need to be changed, etc.... we have to be a little more aggressive with treatment.

As we have seen with veneers, very little to reduce the tooth, we maintain tooth enamel, ie, we retain the outermost and hardest part of the teeth, enamel. For crowns, regardless of the material we use, we need to remove all this outer layer of the tooth and get to the inner part, which we call dentin. In the crowns have to downgrade all tooth surfaces, not just the most anterior and the tip. In this case, if we can do our teeth crowns, staying not limited to the anterior teeth.

ceramic preparing

Difference in preparations for a ceramic veneers (fig.1 ) and a crown (fig.2)

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection
Dr. Oriol Cantó Navés

By Dr. Oriol Cantó Navés

Odontologo expert in prosthetics and implants, with a high degree of training. Their knowledge and prestige led him to give lectures and courses at national and international levels, in addition combines medical profession from his own clinic with teaching at the International University of Catalonia.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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