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What to know about hip pain

Written by: Dr. Manuel Ribas Fernández
Edited by: Top Doctors®

Dysplasia and femoral-aceptabular shock (CFA) are common and require early treatment

Because hip transmits the weight of our body to the legs and provides the vital movements of these is a part that is very subject to ongoing meetings. Their involvement causes pain and disability in everyday life and sport is not the only cause for those suffering from these ailments trauma.

Mechanical pathologies are the most frequent cause for future osteoarthritis or joint wear. They represent 75% of the causes of osteoarthritis in the Western world. Among these, one must know and early detection of residual hip dysplasia and acetabular femoro- shock (CFA).

Hip pain, frequent pathologies

In dysplasia, the femur head is not contained within the acetabulum, and causes pain around the hip environment. After hiking or certain efforts, the affected person often fatigued and often end with a limp and, if not treated well in youth, may become cause of osteoarthritis in the future. As for the femoral-acetabular collision (CFA) it is usually occurs when it comes to moves that require bending and kicking, running or simply spend long hours sitting. It is manifested by pain at the English and around the hip. These diseases have in common that a free evolution eventually wear down the labrum, the cartilage. The labrum of the hip or the meniscus is a stabilizing element which acts as a damper. Rupture resulting in loss of joint fluid pressure, painful restriction on the movements of the hips, and finally wear articular cartilage or wallpaper.

Treatment for hip pain

Periacetabular osteomotía Ganz is the most efficient operation at present, although it is considered difficult and we are of the few centers also perform via the mini-invasive. The intervention involves making a polygonal cut around the acetabulum that allows properly meet the acetabulum on the femoral head. These pathologies, diagnosed and treated in an early form, obtain a high rate of long-term success. The destroyed cartilage replacement and total hip prostheses of this are other existing treatments and solutions currently in advanced cases.

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By Dr. Manuel Ribas Fernández
Orthopaedic Surgery

Recognized as one of the best hip surgeons in the country and abroad, Dr. Ribas pioneered the introduction of hip resurfacing in Spain and in 1985 launched the Bone Bank Institute Dexeus of Barcelona, ​​one of the oldest and most experienced in Europe. In 1999, he performed the first meniscus explantation and transplantation on one knee in the country, and develop a mini-invasive technique practiced today throughout Europe and America. He has participated in over 300 scientific papers worldwide and more than 200 medical journals.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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