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Written by: Dra. Cristina Viyuela Azcona
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Many parents ask us: "When do you have to start brushing children's teeth?". The answer is very easy, from the moment there is a tooth in the mouth, or do we not wash the babies' hair since it comes out?. Up to 8 years old children do not have manual dexterity to brush their teeth properly and we recommend that an adult or caregiver take care of brushing the night that is the most important and, as great imitators that are, little by little they will be taking this good habit of hygiene and health.

Up to 3 years, it is the pediatrician who checks the mouth of children and, from this age, it is time to make contact with the pediatric dentist - the dentist with two years of specialty in treatment of infant teeth - who will give the guidelines and instructions to parents. In reference to how often an adult should take their child to the dentist, it is recommended to go to the pediatric dentist every 6 months until the teenager is about 16 years old.


Up to 8 years old children do not have manual dexterity to brush their teeth properly


Differences between child and adult dentistry

The anatomy of the milk teeth is different from the definitive teeth. For example, the pulp chamber or "nerve" of the milk teeth is larger than that of the adult teeth reaching the caries more quickly to the nerve. If you lose a tooth prematurely due to caries or alterations in tooth replacement, the space for the permanent tooth will be lost .

Milk dentition is very important for different reasons: masticatory function, phonation, correct swallowing, development and correct growth of bones, muscles and airways, maintenance of space and health for future definitive teeth and aesthetics or self-esteem. And the treatment at these ages will be aimed at the restoration of all these functions.

The most critical age to have cavities is when the permanent teeth are freshly erupted, their enamel is immature and all prevention is low. Most caries of a person will occur between 6 and 14 years of age. Therefore, parents should take precautions in dental hygiene and go to check- ups with the pediatric dentist every 6 months , place fissure sealants in the first newly erupted final molars, fluoridations in the clinic and at home.


It is known when a child needs a dental treatment if he stops eating, complains of pain or bleeding gums when brushing, it is easy to know that something is not right. It is best to go to the pediatric dentist with the regularity recommended by the professional and this will mark the hygiene guidelines, food and problems to detect according to the child's age.

The most demanded dental specialties among children are dental caries, pulpotomies - removal of the "nerve" from the crown of the milk molar - and early orthodontics due to poor tooth placement or non-eruption of a tooth.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection
Dra. Cristina Viyuela Azcona

By Dra. Cristina Viyuela Azcona

With over 15 years experience as a dentist in Dental Aesthetics and Specialist in Orthodontics, Dr. Cristina Viyuela is a pioneer in the use of Invisalign in Madrid (Invisalign Platinum, Teen Provider and International Clinical Speaker) and Dental Lumineers porcelain veneers.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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