New technological devices to monitor osseointegration

Written by: Dr. Pere Campistol Plana
Edited by: Top Doctors®

Today there are simple and manageable medical devices such as Penguin RFA that help specialists Dentistry and Stomatology to measure implant stability by providing objectivity and predictability to implant treatment. These allow through technical RFA (ressonance Frequency Analysis) to establish what are the micro-movements of the implant objectively and decide whether the implant is ready to be loaded or to establish an adequate prosthesis in each situation.By ISQ values (Implant Stabili ity Quotient)   show the stability of the implant at all times since they have a close correlation with the implant micromotion.


Main objectives of these devices

They are mainly used in order to determine the exact time of implant loading and to treat patients at risk where healing times are not predictable.

It is ideal for:

Monitor osseointegration: Allows ascertaining objectively and noninvasively implant stability at any stage of treatment by ISQ values (scale 1 to 99).• Reduce treatment times.Knowing the exact time to load the implant: Ideal for immediate / early loading.• Manage risk patients: Where healing times are not predictable.



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By Dr. Pere Campistol Plana

Renowned specialist in dentistry, Dr. Campistol Plana is the founder and director of the Dental Clinic Campistol Pere Plana. He has over 30 years experience in Orthodontics. It has two graduate degrees in child and adult orthodontics and orthodontics. In addition, he is a specialist in Tecnmica Two-dimensional, the Damon technique and Invisalign. He has attended numerous meetings and conferences and also has made several publications in the Spanish Journal of Orthodontics. He is an active member of the Spanish Society of Orthodontics (SEDO) and the Spanish Association of Specialists in Orthodontics (AESOR).

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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