Medical-sports, basic checkups to prevention

Written by: Dr. Francisco Gallardo Rodríguez
Edited by: Top Doctors®

The sports-medical check-ups aim to prevent health problems in athletes who have no symptoms of any pathology. It is a method used to evaluate the conditions of the patient, according to their age, sex and clinical history, in order to prevent diseases, especially cardiovascular ones , which are the most difficult to detect if the person does not undergo the tests relevant.

Exhaustive tests

The check-ups require a fairly thorough procedure and the use of a good and innovative technology , especially in the High Performance Centers, where the athletes are who put their body more to the limit. We never know if the sports-medical checkups that are performed today in elite sport are enough, because when the news of a new case of sudden death leaps out, we return to this question so difficult to answer.

However, in elite sport, together with other colleagues, we do everything that today's technology allows us; everything possible to avoid new cases of such tragedies. However, medical-sports checks in recreational and amateur sports are undoubtedly improvable , and by investing more time and funds, we could avoid many misfortunes.


What is the sudden death?

We are often used to thinking that a new sudden death case in the world of sport is always due to an incomplete or non-existent checkup. Unfortunately it's not like that. There are many known cases that, despite performing all kinds of tests, there were undetectable cardiovascular diseases with the technology available to us today.. That is why we must invest effort and funds to improve this issue.


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By Dr. Francisco Gallardo Rodríguez
Sports Medicine

Dr. Gallardo Rodríguez is a renowned sports doctor. He has been closely linked to the world of sports during his career, having been a doctor, among others, of the Spanish Basketball Team at the beginning of the last decade. He specializes in muscle and / or tendon ultrasound, gait study, locomotor system rehabilitation or major disability rehabilitation.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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