Virtual dressings as a method of healing

Written by: Dr. Juan Antonio Mira González
Edited by: Top Doctors®

The virtual dressings (Stable Virtual Skin or Stable Virtual Skin) are the newest technique for the healing of surgeries. These are sterile sheets (originally used in burned skin and with different types of abrasions), which due to their flexibility and durability conditions can remain stably on the skin allowing a comfortable and fast healing process.

The SVS virtual dressings are used in different types of surgery, obtaining very good results. These sheets replace the uncomfortable gauze and bandages and have the advantages of economy, safety, comfort and better healing.

Improvements are achieved in the economy because you do not have to change the sheets for a period of ten to fourteen days, nor use gauze, ointments or plaster. There is a high security because they are sterile and allow the wound the air passage necessary for perspiration but not the germs. The virtual dressings stand out for their comfort, the SVS sheets are applied in the operating room, at the end of the surgical intervention. The patient can shower daily with his usual gel and dry with a clean towel the intervened area, just as he would with the rest of his body. As the wound is protected, there is no risk of infection or discomfort when rubbing with clothes. The virtual dressings, in addition, get a better healing because it keeps the wound immobile and, being transparent, you can monitor the healing process permanently. In addition, it has a selective adhesion and only sticks to healthy skin, letting the wound breathe. When it is time to remove it, as it is an elastic adhesive, the patient feels no pain.   

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By Dr. Juan Antonio Mira González
Plastic surgery

After more than 30 years of experience and 15,000 cases treated, it is one of the most renowned surgeons. He has extensive training, with more than 80 degrees in universities around the world, which keeps abreast of the latest advances in cosmetic surgery. It also collaborates intensively in international research programs, education and humanitarian aid.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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