Injury of knee ligaments in children

Written by: Dr. David Moreno Romo
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According to experts in Traumatology , the ligaments of the knee are fibrous structures that stabilize the joint preventing an abnormal displacement of the joint. There are the external collateral ligaments and the cruciate ligaments that are found inside the joint. The lesion of these structures can range from sprain to rupture depending on the mechanism and energy of the trauma.

Cause of knee ligament injury

The most important injuries are those that affect the anterior cruciate ligament and are related to rotational traumatisms, direct contusions or abrupt changes of direction in the context of sports activities. Classically it affects sports activities of impact and pivotal being able to influence certain constitutional and hormonal factors of the patient.

Injury of knee ligaments in children

Sports injuries have increased significantly among pediatric patients and are related, on the one hand, with the greater demand and competitiveness of play activities as well as the lack of attention sometimes given to the preparation and specific physical fitness. The importance of these lesions in childhood lies in the possible repercussions and sequelae that may present in adulthood the malfunction of a joint.

Symptoms of Knee Ligament Injury

In the acute phase it manifests with pain, joint effusion and functional impotence. Subsequently there may be a sensation of instability, pain, failure and joint blockage. The importance of the cruciate ligament injury lies in the deterioration that will determine the lack of stability of the knee on the menisci and articular cartilage. We must not forget the impact of these injuries on the normal social development of children, which is carried out in a great way through play and sports activities.

Treatment for knee ligament injury

Surgical repair of anterior cruciate ligament injuries is recommended if there is joint instability, and age is not a contraindication. In the case of pediatric patients, an arthroscopic reconstruction technique, known as intrafisaria ligamentoplasty, is used to repair the damaged cruciate ligament with a patient's own tendon graft without damaging the growth cartilage. This prevents the appearance of dysmetria or angular deformities that could occur in case of using conventional techniques. The experience of more than 10 years with this technique allows observing the restoration of the anatomy and the normal functioning of the patients being treated as well as their reincorporation to the habitual sports activities.

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By Dr. David Moreno Romo
Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgery

Specialist in arthroscopic surgery, orthopedic surgery and childhood traumatology, Dr. Moreno Romo offers his services at the Teknon Medical Center and at the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital. In addition, he combines his assistance work with teaching, being a collaborator of different subjects from the University of Barcelona and the Spanish Arthroscopy Association. He is a member of the Arthroscopic and Knee Pathology Unit and a doctor of the Department of Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology at Sant Joan de Déu Hospital since 2007. Founding member of the Spanish Society of Traumatology and Child Orthopedics (SETOP), he also belongs to different Spanish societies and Catalan of its scope.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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