Les arthritis: Tot the lime to know

Written by: Dr. Ramón Costa Dalmau
Edited by: Top Doctors®
The rheumatic malalties are dolnncies that affect structures of the locomotor apparatus, then with the parts of the cos that allow to moure, which is not produeixen the consequence of cops or traumatismes.


These structures are the bones, the articulacions, the lligaments, the synovial bosses, the muscles and the tendons.
Hi there are more than 200 rheumatoid malalties diferents with arthritis, osteoporosis, arthritis, fibromygia, etc.
Lesions arthritis are processes in which s'inflamen the articulacions majoritarily by autoimmune mechanisms. They affect approximately 1% of the population.
Usually the inflammation commences to the synovial membrane of the articulació that is a layer that recobreix to the articulació i li provides synovial fluid that acts with lubricant.
In canvi, in l'artrosi malaltia initiates to the cartilage a character degeneratiu i menys inflamatori.

Causes of Arthritis

Postraumàtiques: any vessel over a joint may produce a joint inflammation.
Per microcristalls: your dipòsit to the membrane can cause an arthritis. The most usual example of this type is the drop in which the crystals are sour.
Infections: the viruses and bacteria can reach the joint and cause an infection.
Immunologic: for a mechanism complex and partially contagious, the lesions of the nostres defenses provoke an inflammation of the synovial membrane and provoke a chronic arthritis. The most frequent example of this group is rheumatoid arthritis.
Aquest grup de dolències affects people who live in eds, dess nens als vells. Però sol to be more frequent the seva appeared between 20 and 40 anys.
The specialists in Rheumatology do not show that I made a direct relation between arthritis and a hereditary factor.  

Symptoms of arthritis

Heat: l'articulació està calenta.
Inflor sovint is an excess of articular fluid in the interior.
Pain that usually does not calm the rep.
Functional impotence that will make it difficult or impossible for the affected joint.



Diagnosis of arthritis

The characteristics of the pain that refers to the patient's physical exploration surrounding the inflammatory signs that allow to establish the diagnosis of arthritis.
To determine the seva cause in the laboratory, if possible, analyze the joint fluid after the end of the study, because it may be important to diagnose arthritis per se with gout or infectious arthritis.

Tractament of arthritis

If the cause is coneix, it is tracta. For example, the drop is tracta l'excés d'acid uric, in the infectious diseases utilitzar l'antibiotic adequat, etc.. There are also different anti-inflammatory drugs.
In autoimmune arthritis s'utilitzen fàrmacs anomenats curs modifiers of malaltia and also fàrmacs of biological origin.

Prevention of arthritis

They can not prevent arthritis in the present cases, but in the future, the human genome may have an effect on prevention.
*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection
Dr. Ramón Costa Dalmau

By Dr. Ramón Costa Dalmau

Renowned specialist in rheumatology, Dr. Costa Dalmau is also expert in personal injury. He graduated in inflammatory rheumatism and systemic diseases from the University of Montpellier and also has a master's degree in Valuation of bodily harm and medical experts from the University of Barcelona. He is a member of various medical societies and has participated in numerous conferences and symposia.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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