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Written by: Dr. Javier Valero Gasalla
Published: | Updated: 13/11/2018
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Facial aging is multifactorial, that is to say, it is due to several causes, such as changes in volume and shape of the skull, alterations in soft tissue volume, effects of gravity on soft tissues, damage of the superficial layers of the skin by the effect of the sun and the harmful effects of tobacco on the tissues.


What techniques exist for face lift?

There are now numerous facelift or facelift techniques, from the subperiosteal ; a facelift performed under deeper tissues or even a facelift with simple skin stretches. However, what is obligatory is to replace the tissues by manipulating the aponeurotic muscle system. Blepharoplasty is often associated with blepharoplasty, since the eyelids tend to be an area that is severely affected by aging. Facial fillings , usually fat, are also common, since this is intended to correct not only the effects of age, but the changes and losses of volume experienced with age.

The facelift allows to delay aging through various techniques

Which face lift is the best?

The surgeon will have to perform an exhaustive evaluation of the patient, and once done, this will choose the type of lifting or more convenient stretching and the techniques that will help to achieve a good result. Typically, techniques with repositioning of the aponeurotic muscle system with short or long incisions are usually quite effective. It is also important to recover the volume, and usually this is achieved by fat grafting. Obviously, as in all surgery there is a risk. And it is that to the risks of the facelift must be added those of the associated techniques, for example the fat grafting can produce asymmetries and compel corrections with new fat grafts.


Preparation before a face lift

The patient should be prepared like any other patient who will undergo a surgery of medium to long duration. In turn, the patient should avoid the use of analgesics that increase bleeding, and should also undergo a complete preoperative to reduce the risks.


How long does a face lift last?

The level of effectiveness of the lifting or stretching is very great, as long as it is performed optimally and the patient has reasonable expectations. Its duration is variable, and it is because once the intervention ends the effects of aging continue, and the rhythm of this aging will determine the duration of the result.


What patients are recommended for a facelift?

The facelift is not a minor surgery, but we talk about a major surgery and therefore you should go to it when there is no medical treatment that can achieve the improvement that the patient needs. Because of this, it is very common that you get to the facelift after performing treatments such as fillers, botulinum toxin or facial rejuvenation lasers. These methods do not have to be abandoned once the facelift has been performed, but the association of them, such as lasers, is important, since the replacement of the deep tissues of the face does not improve the aging produced for example by the sun, and that can only be achieved by topical treatments or by skin rejuvenation lasers.

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By Dr. Javier Valero Gasalla
Plastic surgery

Dr. Valero, director of the Valero Clinic , is a plastic and aesthetic surgeon since 1990, is a professional member of the Spanish and Galician Society of Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, practicing medicine since 1983.

He has published in national and international journals and presented communications or been a speaker at national and international conferences. He is a medical doctor with an outstanding cum laude qualification.

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