Anal incontinence, why it occurs?

Written by: Dr. Juan García Armengol
Edited by: Top Doctors®

This problem, namely the inability to voluntarily control the passage of stool and gas.

Anal incontinence, causes

The professional Coloproctologia can detect various casusas:

  • Age. She is associated muscle weakness generalizada-
  • Childbirth. Sometimes, after giving birth, sphincter injuries that prevent the proper closing thereof may occur.
  • Accidents or surgery.

These lesions, especially in childbirth, may also lead to injury of the pudendal nerve, related to these sphincters, aggravating the problem. Incontinence can occur immediately, or sometimes years later, when more factors are added.

  • Other causes include inflammatory diseases, tumors, rectal prolapse etc.. Even chronic diarrhea or irritable bowel or colon, can cause leakage of liquid stool and urgently need to go to the toilet. Also diabetes, neurological disorders, mental or radiotherapy It can be caused.


How do you assess it?

To raise adequate treatment, it is essential full assessment in which the problem and its impact on the life of relationship, factors such as childbirth, defecation habits, diseases, medication, etc. is analyzed previous interventions

Anorectal examination is required and using techniques such as anal ultrasonography to assess the defect, if any, or manometry, involving the measurement of pressure and operation of the anal sphincters, among others.


Does treatment?


Anal incontinence can be cured or improved in most cases. The treatment is very variable, and sometimes simple

  • Hygiene and dietary rules or medication use as fiber or astringents including substantially improves the problem.
  • Training and retraining of the anal sphincters through exercises.
  • Techniques to stimulate the response of the nerves that control (Sacral root neuromodulation, or stimulation of a nerve from the ankle)
  • Injection in the year fillers to correct small defects or sphincter to create a better closure of the anal canal.


When resorting to surgery?

In some complex cases, the patient should go to the surgery.

  • Sphincteroplasty is the surgical technique to repair the damaged sphincter. In extreme cases, it may even replace other sphincter muscles or a device called artificial anal sphincter, for which substantial experience is required.
  • Colostomy (anus in the abdomen), is only rarely necessary.
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By Dr. Juan García Armengol
Colon & Rectal Surgery

Dr. García Armengol is a renowned expert in Coloproctology . He is a Doctor Cum Laude with a long career in the specialty and a leading specialist in coloproctology in the European Union . He is currently Co-Director of the Coloproctology Unit of Vithas Nisa Hospital 9 de Octubre de Valencia, the only unit accredited as Advanced by the Spanish Association of Coloproctology in a private Hospital. Member of the Eurpean Society of Coloproctology , has been director of numerous courses in colorectal surgery and author of many research works in this field.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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