Acupuncture to quit smoking

Written by: Dr. Albert García i Janeras
Published: | Updated: 19/11/2018
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¿That procedure is followed in the treatment of acupuncture to quit smoking


No single procedure, there are different ways of applying acupuncture treatment. Since its application to smoking cessation began, many guidelines have been described and methods to treat. We, after several years of experience and evaluate the most effective treatments, we use the combination of classical acupuncture and auriculotherapy nasopuntura since it has been seen that their combined use best results are obtained. With these methods we managed to decrease the appetite for snuff and control the tuning box abstinence.

We recommend complete cessation from the first day that the patient must stop smoking 5-8 hours before first treatment.

Besides the action of acupuncture, it is important that the patient take an active attitude towards its dependence on snuff as well help overcome.


¿How long is the effectiveness of this treatment


Treatment is forever. This is the goal that most times is true, but there is a small portion of patients after relapse a few months or years, so it is advisable to resume treatment.


¿many sessions are needed acupuncture to quit smoking


It depends on each patient, as each case is different. During the first days, when the withdrawal syndrome is more important, more intense treatment is made and then is increased frequency of sessions to make them every two or three weeks or a month. Normally usually track around about three or four months. It may seem a long time, but all experts in smoking cessation, claim that a person can be considered an ex-smoker when smoking takes one year.


¿Combines with other specialties such as a dietitian for weight control or a psychologist for anxiety


No, it is not necessary for treatment with acupuncture and some dietary advice is enough


¿You can reach the patient having side effects


Not for acupuncture treatment. You can only gain weight because the body 's own metabolism improvement to stop toxic substances enter the snuff. Normally, following the dietary guidelines becomes about one or two pounds after a year.


¿, some sort of medical control is performed once you have finished with acupuncture


It is not necessary because the body has a general improvement with better respiratory capacity, tolerance efforts, recovery of the senses of taste and smell, improvement of the quality and texture of the skin, among other advantages.


¿should make any change in the habits of life ?

Only at the beginning of treatment, in the first two or three weeks of abstinence from all stimuli that encourage smoking such as alcohol, coffee, sweets, go to places where smoking, and so is recommended.

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Dr. Albert García i Janeras

By Dr. Albert García i Janeras

Dr. García i Janeras is a recognized expert in Acupuncture. Graduated in Medicine by the University of Barcelona and, after specializing in Internal Medicine, he began the studies of Acupuncture at Sagrat Cor Hospital in Barcelona. In 1989, he was awarded a scholarship by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Government of the People's Republic of China. He traveled to the city of Nanjing where he studied official medical specialization courses in Acupuncture until 1992. In addition to practicing Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine , Teaches at various national and international universities. He is the author of several articles in specialized magazines and speaker in congresses, courses and symposiums.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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