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Written by: Dr. Jaime Casares Mediavilla
Published: | Updated: 17/11/2018
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The Cardiovascular Surgery is the medical specialty that is responsible for correcting abnormalities of the heart and blood vessels caused by disorders or diseases of the cardiovascular system. Since these anomalies may arise and affect different depending on the patient's age, cardiovascular surgery generally is distinguished adult child.

Cardiovascular surgery in adults

In adult patients, many cardiovascular diseases are caused by other diseases such as overweight, hypertension, diabetes, among others. Still other cases may also be due to congenital diseases or infectious diseases.

The most common interventions in cardiovascular surgery are placing conventional pacemaker or resynchronization, defibrillators, open surgery of the aorta and stent implantation, among others.


Cardiovascular surgery in children

In the case of children, they are pediatric cardiologists and cardiac surgeons who are responsible for forming a multidisciplinary to treat congenital heart disease equipment.

The main symptoms in children who may be reason for consultation are:

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Skin, lips, and area under the nails blue or gray (meaning that not enough oxygen in the blood)
  • Poor feeding
  • poor sleep
  • Lack of growth and development
  • Heart rate problems

When a child acquires heart disease or already born with it, the best solution is to resort to cardiovascular surgery with surgical as those mentioned above in adults techniques.

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By Dr. Jaime Casares Mediavilla
Cardiovascular Disease

Dr. Casares Mediavilla is a renowned specialist in Cardiovascular Surgery has more than 20 years of experience. An expert in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases such as catheter placement, bypass, or pacemaker, currently a member of the prestigious Cardiocor Group team in Cordoba and head of the Department of Cardiac Surgery Children Unit of Clinical Management of Cardiovascular Surgery of the Andalusian . In addition, he is a member of associations of regional and national specialty specialty and has published scientific articles in the Spanish Journal of Cardiology.

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