Immediate load dental implants: more benefits than risks

Written by: Dr. Miguel Beltrán Andreu
Published: | Updated: 16/11/2018
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The immediate loading dental implants allow to place fixed teeth on implants on the same day or within a few days. They have great functional, psychological and social benefits.


What constitutes immediate load dental implants

Load implants or immediate function allow us to spend hours in a mouth without teeth or with severely defective to a new fixed teeth mouth with teeth.Immediate loading means placing implants fixed teeth on the same day or a few days to put the implants. These teeth are usually temporary or transient in most cases, and are carried in the process called osseointegration (period of two to three months during which healing bone and gingiva after placing implants). After this time and made the final teeth.


Benefits of dental implants immediately loaded implants over other

According to experts in Dentistry and Stomatology , the benefits are important, both functionally and psychologically.Keep in mind that if we do not use immediate loading, the people who put the implants are not forced to carry teeth during that waiting period, or uncomfortable to wear dentures to apply and remove. By immediate loading much improved people's lives during that phase of treatment, because they can eat more comfortably.And, psychologically and socially, the wearing of fixed teeth from the outset greatly facilitates social relations and, of course, quickly improves self-esteem.


What kind of patients can undergo dental implant immediate loading

In principle immediate loading can be performed in most situations. What we will condition the possibility of immediate loading is that we can place the implant in appropriate locations and that when placing implants remain strong enough or stable.


Risks of dental implants immediately loaded

Immediate loading is an extremely safe form of treatment, provided that the case has been studied well and the clinical procedure is carried out with rigor. Of course, experience is a more important factor when treatment is made by standard protocols.Some situations, such as replacing individual teeth, demand greater cooperation from the patient, during the waiting or osseointegration.


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By Dr. Miguel Beltrán Andreu

Dr. Miguel Beltran is a recognized specialist in dental implants and one of the main references in immediate implants and immediate loading on implants. His knowledge in prosthetics and dental aesthetics, coupled with its extensive experience in implantology, make it to be considered as an expert in cases of oral rehabilitation.

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