Immediate load implants: rapid and effective treatment

Written by: Dr. Javier Gabriel Sola Alonso
Edited by: Top Doctors®


What are the immediate load implants?

The implants of immediate loading is a simple, predictable and routine technique in our practice that is based on removing a tooth that has no solution for reasons of caries, fractures, and at the same time we place an implant and provisional a cover that returns the aesthetics and function. It is a technique that requires a more detailed study technique deferred implants or classical technique and is usually based on a radiographic scanner into an outlet print for some models of the patient and photographs that guide us on tones , the color of the gum, of adjacent teeth to give you maximum aesthetics.


What advantages and disadvantages do you offer?

The fundamental advantage of immediate load implants is, as its name suggests, the immediacy. For a patient who has a serious problem because just lost a tooth, especially in the esthetic zone, in the above sector in one day can leave our clinic without a long protocol, about an hour may leave our clinic with a temporary cover that is indistinguishable from the rest of your teeth. And this will is a big psychological support, which would be the second advantage, very important, this kind of technique, because they are patients who come sometimes like frightened because they can not continue their work and personal life and we solve them so fast this problem. Are the problems they have? Well, the implant immediate loading requires further study and requires some greater surgical skill, but thanks to current techniques of digital software can come to plan a surgery guided by computer with virtual models, digital models, where we can obviating the added difficulty of the technique and get results simple and predictable way.


It is recommended in all cases? You can be performed in patients with low bone?

It is not a technique recommended in all cases. Precisely planning and study is the essence of success of this technique. In cases where we have little bone is often preferable to a regeneration of tissues, both hard and soft, before placing implants. But it is also true that in the upper anterior sectors in a high percentage of cases can be performed. And also to get complete rehabilitations in which we remove the teeth of all the arcade on the same day and put the provisional on the day having the patient function and aesthetics.


What care should follow the patient? Any further review necessary?

Normally in this type of technique we recommend the patient basically common sense. That do not have excessive pressure on the area just operate, having a smooth and proper cleaning, they are rinsed with antiseptic mouthwashes so that the wound is not contaminated, and in those cases we associate most often grafts at the same time we place the implant and the cover, we recommend some antibiotics and anti-inflammatory but are generally less painful techniques. In terms of reviews, we recommend a major overhaul a week, to check that all is well, then, as with any implant, every year clinical and radiographic review to maintain health.

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By Dr. Javier Gabriel Sola Alonso

Dentistry prestigious specialist, Dr. Sola Alonso has 25 years experience. Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from the University of Valladolid also Dentistry Specialist from the University of the Basque Country Doctor. He has made various masters and courses related to their medical field in centers of international reputation as the Postgraduate in Implantology and Periodontology taught at New York University. Lecturer at national and international level on Aesthetics and Implantology. Currently, he is director and specialist in his own private clinic, Specialized Dental Center Dr. Javier Sola Alonso, where he also taught courses for professionals in dentistry and stomatology.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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