Halitosis: how to remove bad breath

Written by: Dr. José Pardiñas Arias
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The dentists call bad breath halitosis. Many people, when speaking, emit a peculiar smell to themselves or other unpleasant. Halitosis may be, at the same time a sign and / or symptom. The patient may suffer from the problem and not be aware of it or, conversely, not suffer it and believe it does.

The human breath under normal conditions should not have an unpleasant odor, but should be slightly sweet and characteristic. It may also be different depending on day. Even when it is a result of a chronic disease process may have alterations, because both salivary secretion, food waste, and the plaque.


Causes of halitosis

Furthermore, the smell emitted from the mouth does not have the same features throughout the day. It is usually stronger than the rise throughout the day, because during sleep we develop saliva, fluid that helps keep the mouth clean of waste. Without saliva, dead cells and bacteria in our mouth stick to the tongue and cheeks creating odors, increasing its impact before brushing teeth after. In addition, bad breath usually most severe in prolonged fasting and especially after certain meals. Foods like garlic, onions, spicy, alcohol and food scraps produce bad breath becoming as external causes.On the back surface of the tongue causing bacteria inhabit a few foul-smelling gases. Dry mouth, hormonal changes or the form of the language are among the factors contributing to the growth of such bacteria.In addition, dental conditions such as cavities, gum problems, periodontitis, or oral infections are other causes of halitosis and fixed prostheses maladaptive, causing the accumulation of waste that if not removed will go decomposing, or dentures that do not maintain good hygiene conditions.


Remedies for Bad Breath

In 90% of cases bad breath originates in the mouth and not in your stomach. In these cases, it comes with a proper dental hygiene by brushing teeth and gums at least twice a day and always without forgetting the language, also will brush or use an instrument called a "tongue scraper". Currently, there are in the market for specific mouthwash bad breath.Another advice and something very important is to make regular visits to the dentist to rule cavities, gingivitis, pyorrhea, etc.. Having a healthy mouth most of halitosis or bad breath solve. In 10% of cases of halitosis it is not of oral origin, but the cause of kidney liver disease, diabetes, pharyngitis, sinusitis, etc.. Therefore, in these circumstances you will need to see a specialist to deal adequately with the problem.


*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. José Pardiñas Arias

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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