Stress, such as whether to make him suffer and

Written by: Maria Empar Pérez Pérez
Published: | Updated: 05/11/2018
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Stress is a state of tension of the organism caused by a strong emotional and / or physical load. From small we are subjected to pressures that come from many different areas: school performance, behavior, expectations that others or we have created ourselves, social relationships, physical appearance, academic and work achievements, economic situation ... etc. There are certain levels of pressure are stimulating and help us to improve the execution. Even the competitiveness that some activities imply can be pleasant if it is maintained at moderate levels. Popularly, we consider that a person is stressed when they have a heavy workload, a very busy schedule and have very little free time, but this is not entirely true and we will see why:

- Stress is not necessarily negative , it is more, it is an activation system that allows us to react in difficult situations. It only becomes a problem when it causes physical symptoms (insomnia, increase or decrease of appetite, diseases like hypertension, heart problems, immune, dermatological or any other type) or psychological (manifestations of anxiety, irritability, sadness, depression, hostility, irritability, abuse of alcohol and other addictions, smoking, etc.). These problems occur when stress levels are excessive or when stress is triggered by innocuous situations that do not pose a threat.


-The problems derived from stress appear in very diverse situations, both by physical and / or emotional overload and in environments with poverty of stimuli, situations of concern such as unemployment , economic difficulties, problems of a couple, relationships with children, feelings of loneliness and socially unrecognized jobs .

-The stress syndrome would be given by the combination of three elements: environment, negative thoughts and physical responses. The therapeutic intervention is aimed at acting on these components and consists of a varied mix of strategies that includes the medical and pharmacological approach in the most extreme cases, where drugs such as antidepressants and anxiolytics would be indicated in the first instance. Although, although the medication can be an important help at the beginning, it must later be withdrawn and it becomes necessary to acquire coping strategies and problem solving. It is also of vital importance the analysis of the behaviors and thoughts that intervene in the genesis and maintenance of the problems. We must also study and change the habits of our life that are harmful to ourselves.

The approach of aspects related to behaviors -as well as dysfunctional thoughts and beliefs both at the level of prevention of the onset of stress and treatment when problems are evident- is very effective and there are various treatments that contemplate it. One of them with a widely recognized effectiveness are cognitive-behavioral therapies , specialized in this type of situations.

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By Maria Empar Pérez Pérez

Psychologist with extensive training and teaching experience. She is an expert in psychological counseling, psychological evaluation, couples psychology, anxiety disorders, psychosomatic and stress.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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