The da Vinci robot surgical excellence against urological cancer

Written by: Dr. Ignacio Moncada Iribarren
Edited by: Top Doctors®

Robotic surgery has been a breakthrough in modern surgical technology. Avoid large incisions and reduce surgical trauma better clinical results with times faster patient recovery, less pain, shorter hospital stay and reduced risk of infection.

We interviewed Dr Urologist. Ignacio Moncada Iribarren, Chief of Urology, University Hospital Sanitas La Zarzuela and Director of the Institute for Robotic Surgery Sanitas, the private center where more robotic interventions in Spain and training center which go professionals to learn are made new robotic techniques.


What urological diseases are treated with robotic surgery?

The most common intervention is robotic radical prostatectomy, an operation to cure prostate cancer but is increasingly expanding indications. Thus, we radical cystectomy for bladder cancer with intracorporeal reconstruction of a partial intestinal bladder or nephrectomy in which we remove a tumor kidney preserving the rest of the kidney and many other interventions both oncological as benign pathology that benefit from minimally invasive access and pinpoint accuracy.


What does the da Vinci robot?

The da Vinci robot is a very sophisticated and very safe surgical system. It allows us to do minimally invasive surgery through small holes but with great precision. With a vision 3-D augmented for the surgeon, with scaling which suppresses the tremor or jerking movement and greater mobility of scissors and miniature clamps that are introduced can have an enormous precision as we remove and above all what we want to preserve and prevent damage.



What are the advantages of robotic surgery?

No doubt the great beneficiary is the patient. If we see the example of prostate cancer, robotic surgery can remove the prostate without damaging the urinary sphincter, thus avoiding incontinence, or damage the nerves leading the nerve to the penis momentum allowing faster and better erection recovery.


How is the experience at the Hospital Sanitas La Zarzuela?

University Hospital Sanitas La Zarzuela have this modern technology for the past 5 years in a bet of Sanitas innovation and clinical excellence. Our experience at this time has been excellent, we have operated more than 500 patients with excellent clinical results. Our results in cancer control, continence and preservation percentage of erectile function and especially patient satisfaction are comparable to those of the best hospitals in the world.Zarzuela soon have robotic surgery through a single port, we can make a complex surgery through a single incision of 2 cm; the instruments come together and inside the abdomen are deployed to work effectively. In the longer term robotics will allow us to tele-surgery.


How the aftermath of radical prostate surgery handled?

Often after radical prostate surgery incontinence problems and erectile dysfunction occur. This possibility is minimized with robotic surgery in a very significant way, however, in the Department of Urology at Sanitas La Zarzuela are specialists in correcting these sequels and pioneers in the introduction of surgical techniques to correct both problems. By placing nets or artificial urinary sphincter to the case of incontinence and prosthetic implants in the case of erectile dysfunction; and particularly the simultaneous implant through a small single incision to solve both devices in a single operation both problems. We receive patients from around the world for this type of operation.


*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. Ignacio Moncada Iribarren

Dr. Moncada e s a recognized expert in urology. He is currently the Head of the Urology Department of the La Zarzuela Clinic in Madrid. He is D irector of the Institute of Robotic Surgery of Madrid since 2011.

In addition to having been trained in international centers in different countries such as Boston or London, he also
works as a professor in Urology at the Faculty of Medicine of the Francisco de Victoria University in Madrid. In addition, e l Dr. Moncada has received the prestigious "Brantley Scott Award of Excellence" prize. In addition, he is a leading specialist in Andrology .

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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