The Lipolase® and its advantages over traditional liposucion

Written by: Dr. José María Ricart Vaya
Published: | Updated: 15/07/2018
Edited by: Top Doctors®

The last years we have been looking for a procedure that allows us to perform liposuction in a non-traumatic way until the lipolysis laser has appeared, or as we usually call it in Dermilaser, lipolaser.

The lipolaser -also laser liposuction- is an innovative procedure that allows the remodeling of the body figure to eliminate localized and unruly fat that is not solved by diet or other treatments. It is very effective to solve excessive curves, irregularities or disproportions of the body silhouette.

Through a small hole that we make in the area or areas to be treated (approximately 1 mm in diameter), we introduce the fiber of the laser. This fiber produces a destruction of the fat without injuring other adjacent tissues and provides a firming effect of the skin as a result of heating.

The retraction of the skin and the induction of the formation of collagen by the effect of the laser avoids the flaccidity , so characteristic after a traditional liposuction, and produces an important reaffirmation of the treated area.

Lipolaser is an innovative way to eliminate less invasive fat than liposuction 

For a lipolaser intervention local anesthesia is used and does not require hospitalization so the patient can rejoin the following day to their daily routine, you will only need to use a belt for a period of no less than a week to 15 days.

This new technique represents clear advantages over traditional surgical liposuction:

- Does not require epidural anesthesia, general or major sedation.

- It does not need hospitalization or major anesthetic procedures, it reduces the surgical risk.

- Produces stretching and firming of the skin (anti-sagging effect).

- Less severity of treatment.

- It avoids the distortion of the tissue, so there are few possibilities of asymmetries.

- Minimal post-operative discomfort

- Faster recovery and less downtime.

- Less bleeding and bruising.

- Resolves adhesions that develop in areas subject to conventional liposuction.

- You can treat smaller fat deposits.

Conventional liposuction often showed results that were overshadowed by flaccidity and excess skin that was unable to retract and adjust to a more discrete profile so this new technique is the right choice for the following areas:

• Gill.

• Flaccidity in upper and inner arm zones.

• Presence of breasts in men (gynecomastia).

• Fat accumulated around the armpits.

• Irreducible "Michelines" of the upper back or lower back.

• Fat accumulation colloquially called "bra roll".

• Accumulated fat in the abdomen or pubis.

• Cartridge cases

• Subglute fold.

• Inner side of thighs.

• Fat located on the inside and top of the knees or on the twins.

• Liposuction retouching already performed that has left irregularities.

This laser is one of the ones that produce the most coagulation, which reduces the risk of postoperative bleeding thanks to its coagulating effect.. And it is that the bleeding during the process and after it is reduced considerably so that the inflammation and the possibility of bruising is minimal. In addition, thanks to this skin tightening effect can be used in areas with flaccidity where traditional liposuction is contraindicated.

And to these innumerable advantages for the patient it is necessary to add that the lipolaser facilitates the work to the own professional who must realize a smaller physical effort since the small diameter of the flexible fiber causes that it glides with extreme softness between the fat, reason why allows us to tunnel easier, safer and less traumatic, obtaining optimal results in small areas, difficult to access for conventional instruments. The localized areas of difficult access, previously unreachable areas, are places where laser lipolysis is now obtaining very satisfactory results .

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. José María Ricart Vaya

It is a leader in laser dermatology applied. Award for his doctoral thesis combines consultation with masters classes in different Spanish universities.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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