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Written by: Dr. Alberto Morano Ventayol
Published: | Updated: 14/11/2018
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What is the lipolaser?

The lipolaser is a modern, safe and effective technique to achieve a reduction of volumes and skin tension in a short time, quickly and with totally objective results. It is a treatment of short duration, lasts between 1 hour and 1 hour and a half, however of a very long duration of effect. The treatment consists in the action of a laser, under local anesthesia, we introduce a fine laser fiber that due to its energetic-calorific action will produce a fluidification and a dilution of the fatty tissue. That fatty tissue, fluidized, naturally, is very easy to aspirate uniformly, unlike a liposuction that would require a thicker, more traumatic aspiration, with greater side effects of course. And it is very important the second action that produces the laser that is the retraction of the skin avoiding possible alterations of the flaccidity and the tension of the skin, that is to say, we achieve reduction of volume, tension of the skin and to avoid the flaccidity.


What effects can we achieve with the lipolaser technique?

The defects that we correct with the lipolaser technique are basically 2, the decrease in volume and flaccidity. Therefore, in all those areas of the body where there is a predominance of localized fat that does not disappear before dietary treatments and before general treatments, we can benefit from the action of the lipolaser. Dilution of the fat and extraction and retraction of the skin, therefore the areas where the fat predominates, such as the trochanter, the abdomen, the flanks, the arms, the jowls, the knees ... all these areas that have accumulations of localized fat is where we mostly benefit from the action of the laser with a result that can be programmed in a week, 10 days maximum.


How many sessions are necessary? Are the results final?

This is one of the greatest advantages of lipolaser treatment, the treatment is performed in a single session of 1 hour 1 and a half hours of treatment depending on the area. It is a single session, only when we treat excessive volumes or large volumes, perhaps after 6 months you can make a small retouch of that treatment. But usually a single session is performed and then simply sessions of treatment control, treatment drainage, after that treatment. The result is absolutely definitive, what we do is after that dilution of the fat is an aspiration of that tissue, an adipose tissue that does not regenerate, an adipose cell can increase in size, can increase in volume but can never increase number, and if we extract a certain number of cells from a specific area, that volume will never be recovered.

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Dr. Alberto Morano Ventayol

By Dr. Alberto Morano Ventayol
Aesthetic Medicine

Dr. Alberto Morano Montayol is a leading specialist in aesthetic medicine. He graduated in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Barcelona since 1980, in 1994 he obtained the Master Degree den Aesthetic Medicine by the Spanish School of Aesthetic Medicine in Barcelona and in 1997 the Master in Aesthetic Medicine at the Universitat de les Illes Balears. Currently he is a doctor and director of the Clinic Doctor Morano, a reference center of excellence in medical aesthetics Balear.

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