When resorting to Orthognathic Surgery

Written by: Dra. Ana Molina Coral
Published: | Updated: 05/11/2018
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The facial disharmonies can be the result of an alteration of the craniofacial development, they could be due to genetic causes, due to a facial traumatism.. All these factors have an adverse effect on how the jaws and teeth end up relating to each other.

The reason for consulting the patient may be to achieve a different aesthetic or to improve the function that is not performed correctly.The first thing that should be done in these patients is a good examination and planning of the case in orthodontist and surgeon team. This exam is based mainly on facial analysis . The aesthetic has been valued since ancient times, egyptians, romans, renaissance ... beauty has been important in the sense of the need of all eras and cultures to seek an ideal and a norm and most want to be similar to this norm. This norm or ideal is changing according to times and cultures. Patients with some disharmony want that, be similar to the norm, "be normal". The surgery allows this facial change because it repositions the bones in their ideal position , achieving a good facial aesthetic harmony while restoring the function.



The second objective of this treatment is to obtain a correct dental function , ("do not chew correctly"). The occlusion is important for a correct function, the incisors must be able to perform the cut with the anterior teeth, this is called performing a protrusive. The canines protect in the movements of laterality while chewing and the molars must contact with all the pieces in the mastication. The orthodontic appliances and the management of the placement of the teeth by the orthodontist allow to achieve this functional objective. The objectives of correct facial aesthetics, dental aesthetics and correct occlusion are achieved, which favors the health of the temporomandibular joints and the health of the periodontium or gum.

A final goal to achieve is breathing aid. Both some patients without dentofacial alteration and many of these patients with dentofacial alteration breathe incorrectly, have a sleep apnea syndrome due to having narrow airways . The Sahos, or sleeping sickness is one of the most worrisome pathologies, by not resting well and having low oxygenation, the patient falls asleep and does not respond perfectly to his daily active rhythm. Orthognathic surgery, with the movement of the bones forward, provides a wider airway that enables the patient to a more comfortable life , without needing a negative pressure device, CPAP or a mandibular advancement device, MAD, to be able to live adequately.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dra. Ana Molina Coral

Orthodontics expert, is a recognized specialist in treatments combined surgical orthodontics, orthognathic surgery, orthodontic treatment with the help of microscrews, lingual or invisible braces and Invisalign.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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