When is it necessary to conduct a dental bone graft?

Written by: Dr. Francisco Rodríguez Escudero
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When is it necessary to conduct a dental bone graft?

Bone grafts are made ​​in cases where the bone volume is inadequate, the small amount of bone can be in height, width or combined. This situation occurs in both cases of large maxillary atrophy and in more limited areas. All this causes that they can not place implants in ideal locations for aesthetic and functional rehabilitation. This bone loss can occur by specific factors such as dental trauma, root fractures and tooth loss and widespread as the destruction caused by periodontal disease or being toothless in a while.


How is a dental bone graft is done?

Once anesthetized, autologous bone (the patient) in the areas of the mouth with the highest number is obtained such as the mandibular branch, the maxillary tuberosity or chin. It is placed in the receiving area with limited amount of bone. Each case is unique and will need a certain time but generalizing, wait for 4-6 months for implant placement.

The use of autologous grafts (tissue from the same individual) allows obtaining very good results, say the experts Dentistry. They can also be used allografts (human bone treated) and xenografts (bone obtained from other species).

If the patient consent, we will make an extraction pre-surgery blood that allow us to use their own plasma rich in growth factors (PRP), which will greatly enhance healing and postoperative soft tissue.


Postoperative dental bone graft

Postoperative bone graft as with all surgery, usually annoyed and begins to fire in the early days, in order to gradually sending medication, relative rest and local cold. These days will take soft diet and avoid sudden exercise for 4 weeks. As noted earlier, the use of PRP greatly improved patient comfort after surgery.

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By Dr. Francisco Rodríguez Escudero

Dr. Rodríguez Escudero graduated in Medicine and Surgery, Dentistry, Periodontology and Master's Degree in Doctor of Dentistry. He has attended several training courses in bone regeneration and implants in Spain, Sweden and Germany; It has over 20 years of experience. Combines teaching with private professional activity I love my dentist since its inception.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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