Counselling, seeking autonomy

Written by: Victoria Fernández Aguirre
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The Counselling is a type of psychological intervention that aims to support a person in solving psychological problems or the development of different areas of your life, but always focusing intervention to the maximum personal autonomy.


counseling The problems and issues are addressed by the Counselling are varied. They range from the states of anxiety, depression or labor difficulties, to relationship problems or consequences caused by traumatic experiences, among many other situations. It is also used successfully for purposes of personal and professional development, entrepreneurship of a new business venture or professional re-orientation.

This psychological support uses various tools and methodologies not be ascribed to any specific approach, and without further diagnostic structure or method of pre intervention. It is done by focusing on what each person needs at all times, and depending on their own personal characteristics.

The Counselling is based on dialogue and psychological reflection, which help the person to know more, to understand why their emotions, thoughts and reactions. This understanding has the task that the person can direct his own life with a degree of more expanded consciousness and, therefore, completely autonomously and own way.


Counselling Procedure

Start this psychological support is up to the person, and every process is completely different, unique. In the first session we reach an initial agreement on how to work and how fast, and along sessions this agreement can go changing in light of developments. Some of the keys are: go taking advantage of what life holds for the person, support it in facing difficulties and conflicts, help you establish connections with their daily personal tendencies, and help maximize their opportunities and capabilities.

The decision to end the process is a matter of consultation, but the client's decision prevails own. Sometimes people prefer to terminate the process at any given moment, and sometimes prefer to gradually increase the time between sessions and generate a progressive distancing.


Objectives of Counselling

The Counselling helps a person to acquire a more conscious of itself, the problem at hand him vision, and life and relationships in general. Through this expanded vision, the person generates its own mechanisms to resolve their difficulties and direct your life where you want it do. The basis of the process is to generate awareness, and fluid systems coping own, and therefore autonomy.

In short, through Counselling is intended that the person can understand and be better in the world, but from his own eyes.


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By Victoria Fernández Aguirre

Victoria Fernandez Aguirre is a prominent psychologist specializing in Personal and Professional Counselling. She has a Masters in Adult Clinical Psychology, and an extensive career. He has experience in a variety of topics related to the psychological work with adults, using a wide range of approaches and cognitive-behavioral dynamics and methodologies. In addition, it exerts teaching in various centers of excellence to convey their extensive knowledge in the art that dominates.


*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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