Consequences and resolving urinary incontinence

Written by: Dr. Ander Astobieta Odriozola
Published: | Updated: 17/11/2018
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Dr. Ander Astobieta Odriozola, urologist from Top Doctors, will talk about urinary incontinence.

Does it affect only women?

Well urinary incontinence affects both men and women. It is usually more known that urine incontinence affects more women, but also men in certain situations such as pelvic surgery that is performed can affect incontinence, therefore, we can say that it is a problem of both men as well as women.


Female incontinence

What is incontinence?

Incontinence is the involuntary loss of urine. When we do not want our urine to escape for certain reasons, we are getting wet and it is a really unpleasant situation that affects the quality of life very much


How does incontinence affect?

Urinary incontinence mainly affects the quality of life of patients who suffer from it. It is uncomfortable to be wetting continuously and wearing either compresses or wetting some type of cloth, towel, makes, well, there may be a bad smell, that really affects the quality of life of the person and that they feel, Well, it really makes you uncomfortable in your usual social life.


What types of incontinence are there?

Well the urine incontinence can be divided into two large groups are: urgency incontinence , which is when a woman urges urgently, you want to go running to the bathroom, which does not arrive, and that eventually escapes the urine. This must be differentiated from what is the urinary incontinence of effort that is usually related to previous births and with age in women, so in these cases when a woman coughs, makes an effort to make any exercise a little abrupt, escapes urine. In the end, the end is the same, but the mechanism is different for some and for others.


What solution do you have?

When it comes to urge urinary incontinence we call the problem that it is an overactive bladder and in these cases the treatment is pharmacological, through a series of drugs we can help this woman to urinate less often and therefore not finish wetting a diaper or a compress. When it is an urinary incontinence of effort, the treatment is surgical and consists in that as the defect is an anatomical problem and it is a change of the angle of the urethra what we do is to place a mesh surgically, what it does is to replace the urethra, compress the urethra a little, to prevent urine from escaping.


What are the results?

The results are good, but the main thing is the indication. If there is a good indication, the results will be very good; If the indication is bad the results will not be good.


Male incontinence

What are your causes?

The problems derived from the surgery that has been performed primarily with radical prostatectomy. Nowadays many men are diagnosed with prostate cancer and require a surgical intervention and this surgical intervention even in the best hands with the best means because 5% or 8% of people, of men, have some problem of incontinence. Therefore, the causes are usually postsurgical, but it is a problem that until about twelve months after the intervention, we will not make any decision regarding the treatment that in these cases will be surgical, in the largest part of the cases.


What solution do you have and what are the results?

When really the incontinence affects the quality of life of the man , in this case we must look for a surgical alternative , as I say that it has very good results, as much as if meshes are used as if artificial syntheses are used.

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By Dr. Ander Astobieta Odriozola

Bachelor and Doctor of Medicine and Surgery from the University of Bilbao, Dr. Astobieta is a highly reputed specialist in Urology. Clinical Head of the Urology Department of the Galdakao-Usánsolo Hospital for more than two decades, nowadays he is part of the Clinical Urology Bilbao Team, developing his work in the IMQ Zorrotzaurre Clinics since 2011. Former Associate Professor of the Faculty of Nursing of the University of the Basque Country, in 2017 has been awarded a Top Doctors Award.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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