How to remove the anxiety?

Written by: Rosa Guillén Ferrer
Edited by: Top Doctors®

In the process of anxiety management objective it is to achieve long-term recovery through three levels:

Basic level of symptom control the short-term goal focuses on the client is capable of controlling the symptom. Since the priority when severe symptoms is to provide immediate relief. This level is often necessary to combine psychotherapy with medication.

Advanced level of symptom control in the degree to which the person already has a broader range of skills to manage most of avoidance behaviors. The episodes of severe anxiety are now less frequent and the person has begun a process of assimilation of aspects of his personality that predispose certain tendency to anxiety. In this phase the reduced use of medication may persist even worse fear and be certain setbacks

In the recovery phase to long term the person perceives anxiety completely differently and is able to recognize and focus on the aspects that generate anxiety possible to reduce the distress experienced previously by high levels of anxiety so that the person is able Control symptoms.

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Psychotherapeutic treatment of anxiety


It is to review the defense mechanisms of the patient, their fears, their insecurities to convert irrational beliefs and / or learn to control or manage them more healthy way.

It should identify the symptoms and establish a differential diagnosis with other disorders that may have physical origin.

Similarly, it is essential to have a history and background checks of individuals and families in order to check genetic influence, learning patterns, previous experiences.

The treatment of anxiety requires coordination and complementarity by scheduled and psychotherapy under the monitoring of skilled professionals able to establish a strategy of personalized medicine approach.

The first step is to recognize the problem and seek help, then it is only necessary to seek help, get in the hands of good people and above all love each help yourself.

It is therefore to learn tools that will allow us in certain circumstances provide an appropriate emotional response to the needs of our environment and circumstances.

There are no magical barytes but may encourage some resilience, management and resolution.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Rosa Guillén Ferrer

Prestigious specialist in psychology, Rosa Guillen Ferrer is certified as General Health Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Clinical Psychologist (Europsy). Psicooncología expert, forensic psychology, grief and trauma specialist, among other treatments. Degree in Psychology from the University of Barcelona in 1999, has studied various courses related to their specialty. It is also a founding partner of the Association Creativity AQUARELLA Therapeutics which has developed its activity among others in the Sant Joan de Deu Hospital of Barcelona. Teacher trainer of professionals and students of geriatric field in the public and private sectors in different areas of management. He has held management positions as head of Human Resources and coordinated social and health projects in the field of NGOs. Collaborator in disseminating content in the field of psychology in different print media, radio and TV. Online therapy (Skype) also available. The brilliant career of this psychologist makes it a first class professional.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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