Cómo acabar con la calvicie femenina

Written by: Dr. Samuel Benarroch
Edited by: Anna Raventós Rodríguez

Baldness is something that many people fear. This is a very common problem among men, but women also suffer. In these cases, when the hair loss affects the woman, the problem is seen with more fear. The doctor. Benarroch explains in this article how to treat this pathology with the best result.


What is female baldness?

Female baldness usually manifests in the middle area of ​​the head and is due to genetic factors, medical conditions or low levels of thyroid and iron. Another reason for female alopecia may be hormonal imbalance, such as a high testosterone level, compulsive dieting or pregnancy. This hair loss can also be due to the distortion of hair growth and the healing of a previous facial plastic surgery.


Female baldness is treatable, something that gives women a lot of hope.


Skin diseases also cause female baldness, as well as injuries or burns. Circular hair loss is a type of alopecia, which causes patches of circular baldness and is a very feared problem among women.


Treatment for female baldness

Female baldness is treatable, something that gives women a lot of hope. The treatment that is applied in these cases is the hair transplant , something that was not contemplated five years ago. To date, many of the doctors who perform hair transplants still do not consider women as patients, since they contemplate many difficulties.


The FUE hair transplant is performed to hide scars and reduce the size of the forehead in reconstructive surgeries.


When is female baldness treated?

Hair transplantation in women is applied when hair loss is visible, half hair has disappeared. When this amount of hair has been lost or more, the transplant can be done, since the hair will look denser.


If female baldness is due to a hormonal problem, hair transplantation is the option that all choose as treatment. The doctor must do an investigation on whether or not the patient can undergo transplantation, as well as different tests once the approval is given.. With these tests, the expert can determine the success of the treatment.


Advantages of hair transplantation in female baldness

  • Women are not required to shave their hair
  • Hair transplant allows more density in the hair
  • It is an easy and painless technique that does not last long
  • The return to daily life is done after 5 or 7 days
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By Dr. Samuel Benarroch
Aesthetic Medicine

The outstanding Dr. Benarroch is a specialist in Facial Aesthetic Surgery. His training has been mainly in America, culminating his professional profile in Spain. With more than a decade of experience, he currently heads the Benarroch Clinic Unit.

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*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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