Hemorrhoid Surgery

Written by: Dr. Eugenio García-Morato Soto
Published: | Updated: 18/11/2018
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¿Because hemorrhoids are a health problem


To start I will comment that hemorrhoids are a normal structures in the anal canal by way of pads, when they are in normal and pathological are not influence the mechanism fecal continence and make the year closes in a more effective way. It is a health problem especially at the level of the Western world because you can say that 50 % of both men and women suffer in some pathology grade of hemorrhoids. This is due to the lifestyle we have, we have to diet too, the lavatories habits that are not the most appropriate and sedentary lifestyle. Then¿, how we can prevent hemorrhoids give us problems, give us symptoms? Well the key is a diet rich in fiber, drink plenty of water between two liter two gallons per day. It is also important to have a habit evacuatorio fixed it as much as possible, do not even spend much time in the bathroom, or make too much effort to make the deposition. Also the physical exerted is good to get hemorrhoids do not pose us problems in the future.

¿When surgery is indicated


First of all, when we produce hemorrhoids symptoms, what is the most frequent bleeding, pain when inflamed, itching, or spotting sometimes occurs because a species mucus, you can try a conservative treatment, improving habits that I mentioned before, both lavatories and diet, and physical exercise. Then in the next echelon, where this has not been effective, and then if we go to the section of surgery. The main symptom that we will do we operate from hemorrhoids will be bleeding, is the most common and is the fundamental. You can also stop, because when they produce symptoms hemorrhoids prolapse through the anus, they can become inflamed, they can ache and other symptoms may occur more than discomfort, which have not yielded to medical treatment and spent and the surgical treatment. Then, once we reach that stage we have to decide which is the treatment of choice to see which is the best we can offer to the patient.

¿are the advantages of laser in surgery


When deciding on treatment we are going to do to solve the problem of hemorrhoids, we have several alternatives. The conventional alternative, which is the extirpation of hemorrhoids, which poses problems because it requires more income, presents more complications may bleed, they may have more pain. It is a very effective technique but with relatively significant side effects. & iquest;That gives us the laser with respect to these inconveniences of conventional technique ? The laser offers us, being a technique that does is vaporize photocoagulate vessels and makes hemorrhoids and then to shrink to its normal size again become. It is a technique that requires very little income, two to four hours is enough, almost no pain, there may be some mild discomfort but virtually no pain and incorporation into normal life is almost immediate, then considering these factors, also mostly there will be less bleeding, also important in controlling patients and patients who are anticoagulated basically, I think it offers a valid, safe, effective and comfortable alternative for the patient.

¿Recovery is final or can come back


The initial recovery is obviously very early and then final. No hemorrhoids surgical technique that ensures that they can not back out. Both the laser and the conventional technique can become reactivated if not improve all that we have said of the defecation habits, diet, etcetera.

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By Dr. Eugenio García-Morato Soto

Dr. Eugenio Garcia- Morato Soto is a leader in specialty Colorectal and general surgery and has extensive experience in both specialties. He is an expert in laparoscopic surgery and colon surgery. He has published several articles on the specialty and has reallizado presentations at national and international conferences.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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