Benefits and orthognathic surgery treatment

Written by: Dra. Elena Bonilla
Edited by: Top Doctors®

There are adult patients who do not bite properly and not just because they have disordered teeth but because they have an alteration in the jaw, or deposition or size, in the upper jaw, jaw, or both. These patients are treated with a combination of orthodontic and orthognathic surgery that orthodontics is responsible for leveling the teeth and orthognathic surgery correctly positioned maxilla and mandible. Such treatments require perfect coordination and communication between the orthodontist and maxillofacial surgeon.


What is and how long the treatment?

This treatment consists of three phases. At first orthodontists we take care of, through braces, leveling the upper arch on the one hand, the lower arch on the other, so prepare teeth for the time of surgery. Once the orthodontist decides that the dental arches are ready, in conjunction with the surgeon in planning our cases and today is a three dimensional planning is done. We scan of the skull and face, and photograph of the patient, via computer and make a virtual surgery. That is, we do a dress rehearsal computer that allows us to do, with the utmost precision, then surgery will be done in the patient. With the project we have done in the computer get surgical guides are then used by the surgeon in the operating room. The surgery is major surgery, hospitalization, usually not take more than a day and a half or two of real income for the patient after surgery and is able to continue orthodontic treatment. The patient goes to the operating room with the apparatus is in surgery with the device and leaves the surgery with the appliance so that we can continue for five to eight months ending adjust the occlusion, the detailed case and leaving a situation perfect addition to give a proper finish will help us that everything is stable.


What is the benefit to the patient in need?

It has essentially two types of benefit. The first has to do with health and function. Patients with teeth and jaws into proper position eat well, work well, breathe well, speak well, have a proper stability and good aging. The second benefit, not least, is the facial aesthetics. Patients who have a combined orthodontic and orthognathic surgery get a perfect smile aesthetics and good facial balance, both front and profile.


How long have you been doing these treatments?

We carry about 16 to 18 years working with cases combined orthodontic and orthognathic surgery, and during this time we have continued trying not only patients but also investigating and studying on new developments and new techniques appearing. This really is a very dynamic specialty that is very much alive, and both from the standpoint of diagnosis and from the point of view of the orthodontic appliances we use, and from the point of view of the surgeon esteotomías makes each They appear on improvements and innovations that allow us that every day patients are more predictable and more effective treatments.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dra. Elena Bonilla

Renowned expert in Orthodontics. Dr. Bonilla has extensive experience in combined orthodontic and orthognathic cases surgery. Accelerated training in orthodontics ( wickodontics and AcceleDent ). It has accreditations in incognito and Invisalign technique. With accelerated training in Orthodontics. Currently he is Professor of Orthodontics Masters of Mississippi University and CEU. Invited lecturer at national and international forums orthodontic

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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