Tuberous Breast

Specialty of Surgery

Tuberous breast surgery is performed to correct a defect that causes the breasts to have a tube-like rather than adopt a rounded shape. Generally, this defect is due to the existence of a genetic disorder of the tissue lining the mammary gland that has an abnormal stiffness, preventing breast develop harmoniously during adolescence. There are varying degrees of malformation, therefore, the surgical technique used varies case to give the bust a volume and rounded, placing the areola and nipple in the proper position. Generally, if there is a slight anomaly it can be corrected by the implantation of a prosthesis, without need for any complete glandular remodeling, as in the case of serious malformations. In these cases, the diameter is reduced and the areola incisions require approximately the same and / or base of the breast to the loosening of the rigid chest area and redistribution of the gland.

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