Skin infections

Skin infections are skin diseases produced by the attack of various types of germs that cause a local reaction in which different cells and microorganisms in the skin are destroyed. Initially, the affected area becomes inflamed and has a reddish appearance, with itching and burning, which usually ends up causing an abscess and skin ulcer, or fistula. The most common infections can be classified according to their origin: bacteria, such as Staphylococcus or impetigo; viral, such as warts, molluscum or herpes simplex; those caused by fungi, such as candida infections; or those caused by skin parasites such as scabies or lice. The treatment of skin infections depends on the cause that originates, although most of the cases it will be necessary to clean the wound with hydrogen peroxide or alcohol, and prescription topical antibiotics or oral, as determined by the specialist.

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