Bioidentical hormones

Specialty of Obstetrics & Gynecology

Bioidentical hormones are produced in the laboratory to obtain an exact molecular copy that the body makes. In fact, bioidentical hormones are also called "natural" hormones because, despite being synthesized in the laboratory, they come from plant sources before being modified to look like human ones. In addition, technically the body can not distinguish them from those produced by the body. For a long time, bioidentical hormones have been considered as an alternative for women who are affected by changes in menopause. However, currently techniques have evolved and offer options for both men and women. To apply the treatment, a clinical history of the patient will be carried out first, followed by an evaluation of the hormones in the blood to determine the necessary dose and the time required for the treatment. There are different types of bioidentical hormones, but the most common are transdermal and oral or vaginal. In those women who suffer the symptoms of menopause (hot flashes, nocturnal soduration, memory loss, changes in mood, weight gain, decreased sexual appetite, among others) will help them.

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