Dandruff and seborrhea

Dandruff is a flaking white generated on the scalp and sometimes may be associated with other skin problems thereof, as seborrhea or psoriasis. Dandruff treatment varies with the severity of each case, but include various cosmetic preparations aimed at treating the underlying cause of their appearance and reduce the symptoms of itching and skin redness. Normally, shampoos or solutions are prescribed an antifungal active substance, intended to inhibit microbial growth, and combined with antiseborrhoeic substances and anti-itch. Seborrhea is a condition of the sebaceous glands that produce excessive oil or sebum secretion, causing the hair has a creamy appearance and brightness. Its appearance may be due to different causes (stress, hormonal, genetic, some medicines, food ...). Seborrhea treatment depends on the cause that gives rise, and may include shampoos or lotions with selenium and zinc pitiriona or drugs to treat the pathology associated.
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