Skin allergies

Specialty of Dermatology

Skin allergies are an immune response that is elicited by the presence or contact or products of certain substances (allergens). These may be of a wide range, depending allergy present each person: perfumes, lotions, cosmetics, flowers, food… In addition, there are different types of skin allergies: food allergy, contact dermatitis, and atopy. Common symptoms that cause skin allergies are hives, swelling, redness, burning, itching or stinging, but as the case may present serious complications. It is therefore important to consult a specialist in the presence of these symptoms, which are usually sudden and may even cause suffocation or choking on some occasions and jeopardize patient health. Treatment is generally in the administration of antihistamines for allergy attack and their symptoms in a first phase. But then we recommend testing and allergy test to identify the allergen that causes this reaction in the body and to treat it directly. In most cases, simply the avoidance of substances that cause allergies.

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