Hemorrhoids treatment to eliminate pain

Written by: Dr.Prof. Juan Antonio Luján Mompeán
Edited by: Top Doctors®

Do you know the different treatments Hemorrhoids? The doctor. Lujan, an expert in General Surgery and Digestive and European specialist in Coloproctology (EBSQ-c), you extensive information on each treatment in the following article.

Hemorrhoids affect many people and treat them early can avoid future problems. Some treatments are surgery, sclerosis or ligation of hemorrhoids, hemorrhoid creams or laser. However, not all treatments are recommended.

Hemorrhoids: What They Are

Hemorrhoids affect more than 50% of the population and is the price we pay for our standing. They are physiological vascular structures we have all the people, and when symptoms is due to blood congestion of these vascular structures. The main symptom is the appearance of blood in the stool, often accompanied by itching, burning and irritation and, when evolved, with evacuation prolapse occurs.


Prevention of hemorrhoids

The best way to prevent hemorrhoids is to practice a diet rich in fiber and water, avoiding the abuse of spicy, spices and alcohol, in addition to exercise, such as walking or hiking. Also, avoid spending too much time on the toilet, as this promotes pelvic congestion and hemorrhoids.


Hemorrhoid treatment: surgery, sclerosis or ligation, laser and creams

When given symptoms, treatment Colorectal should be as early as possible to avoid evolve to higher grades. You just have to treat hemorrhoids symptoms if they give because they are physiological structures.

The usual treatment is surgical removal of hemorrhoids (hemorrhoidectomy), which carries a deserved infamous for postoperative pain, so some patients avoid surgery and suffer in silence. However, there are alternatives to this treatment, such as sclerosis or ligation of hemorrhoids with rubber bands. These are minimally invasive techniques that do not require hospitalization or anesthesia, besides being painless, so the patient can lead a normal life after treatment.

However, when the hemorrhoids are very evolved, these treatments are not effective and are used to conventional surgery. Hence the importance of treating hemorrhoids when they give the first symptoms and not wait to evolve to more advanced stages.

Moreover, there is also laser treatment of hemorrhoids. They say it causes less edema, postoperative bleeding less and less painful. Note that these statements are not based on scientific studies and the benefits arising are questioned. That is laser generates a false confidence in the patient and ask with wrong ideas.

Haemorrhoid creams should be used only in acute episodes of hemorrhoids, because they produce symptomatic relief by corticosteroids leading. On the contrary, if they are used chronically for months or years hurt, to cause dermatitis in the perineal area, which worsens the symptoms of hemorrhoids.

You can get more info at: www.clinicadecoloproctologia.es

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By Dr.Prof. Juan Antonio Luján Mompeán
Colon & Rectal Surgery

Dr. Lujan Mompeán a degree and PhD in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Murcia with the qualification of "Cum Laude" "Special Award". It has a background in hospital centers of excellence in Paris, London and Strasbourg, with a long experience in the field of General and Digestive Surgery, with more than 30 professional activity. For years, a Professor at the University and has published numerous scientific papers in the best journals of medicine and surgery, both national and international, attending numerous conferences as a speaker and moderator.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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